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SINCE 1989

ShanDong Province TWERD Electrical CO.,LTD specializes in various types of industrial frequency inverter, rail traffic grid inverter and electric vehicle drive power of electronic products. As a high-tech enterprise, we mainly focus on research, production, sales and provide a comprehensive solution to electric drive system. In technical cooperation with TWERD Power Electronics in Europe, we are the only production base of all series in Asia.

Our main products include MFC700 series inverter (MFC710 the typical, MFC720 universal, MFC760 lifting special, MFC780 energy feedback type), MFC810 1140V series inverter, AFC200 series single-phase inverter, explosion-proof inverter, rail traffic grid inverter, electric vehicle drive, etc.

Rigorously meeting the European production standards, and with world leading core technology, all kinds of our products perform satisfactorily in comparison with other first-line international brands in terms of functionality and reliability. And our products have been approved the ISO quality system certification, national explosion-proof certification, Russia GOST-R compulsory certification, European CE certification, etc. we are the key firm of technology Innovation Fund of the national Ministry of Science and Technology.

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