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Rail transit grid inverter

Rail transit grid inverter


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Rail transit grid inverter

Rail transportation grid inverter for converting electrical energy generated during braking the locomotive fed back to the grid.
  • Power Range:0.25MW-4MW
  • Single-phase supply:1400-1650VDC
  • Output:3X900-1000VAC,50Hz

Product Details

Rail transit grid inverter is used to feedback the locomotive braking energy back to the grid. Use three-level technology, modular design, water cooling system, which greatly reduced the inverter and filter cubature. Rail transit grid inverter can be work on rectifying power supply and power feedback two kinds of working mode, working in power feedback mode can adjust the reactive current and power.

produce feature:


3900-1000V 50Hz Output:3x900-1000V

Bidirectional power flow (rectifier and feedback)

Operation panel (removable, support multilingual LCD liquid crystal display)

Built-in RS232 / RS485 communication module (supporting MODBUS RTU communication protocol)

Driver interface and communication interface using optical fiber connection, reliability

Choice of modular design, easy to maintain

Choice of air cooling and water cooling system

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